The 305 NV Wheel features an iconic 12 window design with a debossed Method logo on either side of the center cap. The lip undercut simulates a true beadlock wheel and has replaceable lip bolts with optional colors available. It boasts a strong 2,500- 3,640 lbs. load rating with heavy duty (HD) 4,500 lbs. applications available.


  • Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  • Iconic 12 window design with debossed METHOD logos
  • Street-Loc V.1 lip with undercut simulates true beadlock wheel
  • Replaceable MRW lip bolts with optional colors available
  • Push through center cap with embossed METHOD logo
  • Flush cap appearance options available
  • Industry’s best lifetime structural warranty
  • Strong 2500 lbs. to 3640 lbs. load ratings with HD 4500 lbs. applications available

Available Finishes

Matte Black
Bronze - Matte Black Lip
Titanium - Matte Black Lip
Machined - Matte Black Lip
Matte Black - Gloss Black Lip

Wheel Specs

Part NumberDiameterWidthOffset (mm)Bolt PatternCentre BoreFinish
MR3056806090016806x5.5108Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30578562925178.5256x12083Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30578516900178.506x13594Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30578516925178.5256x13594Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30578550900178.505x594Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30578550925178.5255x594Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30578555900178.505x5.5108Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30578558900178.505x150116.5Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30578558925178.5255x150116.5Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30578560900178.506x5.5108Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30578560925178.5256x5.5108Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30578580900178.508x6.5130.81Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30578587900178.508x170130.81Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR3058905890018905x150116.5Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR3058901690018906x13594Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR3058906090018906x5.5108Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30589016918189186x13594Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30589058925189255x150116.5Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30589060912N189-126x5.5108Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30589060918189186x5.5108Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30589087918189188x170130.81Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30529016918209186x13594Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30529058925209255x150116.5Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30529060918209186x5.5108Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30529080918209188x6.5130.81Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30529087918209188x170130.81Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30521050918N2010-185x594Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30521016918N2010-186x13594Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30521060918N2010-186x5.5108Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30521080918N2010-188x6.5130.81Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30521087918N2010-188x170130.81Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR30521088918N2010-188x180130.81Bronze - Matte Black Lip
MR3056801250016805x4.583Matte Black
MR3056806050016806x5.5108Matte Black
MR3056808050016808x6.5130.81Matte Black
MR30578512500178.505x4.583Matte Black
MR30578562525178.5256x12083Matte Black
MR30578516500178.506x13594Matte Black
MR30578516525178.5256x13594Matte Black
MR30578550500178.505x594Matte Black
MR30578550525178.5255x594Matte Black
MR30578555500178.505x5.5108Matte Black
MR30578558500178.505x150116.5Matte Black
MR30578558525178.5255x150116.5Matte Black
MR30578560500178.506x5.5108Matte Black
MR30578560525178.5256x5.5108Matte Black
MR30578580500178.508x6.5130.81Matte Black
MR30578587500178.508x170130.81Matte Black
MR3058905850018905x150116.5Matte Black
MR3058901650018906x13594Matte Black
MR3058906050018906x5.5108Matte Black
MR30589016518189186x13594Matte Black
MR30589055518189185x5.5108Matte Black
MR30589058525189255x150116.5Matte Black
MR30589060512N189-126x5.5108Matte Black
MR30589060518189186x5.5108Matte Black
MR30589080512N189-128x6.5130.81Matte Black
MR30589080518189188x6.5130.81Matte Black
MR30589087518189188x170130.81Matte Black
MR30589087512N189-128x170130.81Matte Black
MR30529055518209185x5.5108Matte Black
MR30529016518209186x13594Matte Black
MR30529058525209255x150116.5Matte Black
MR30529060518209186x5.5108Matte Black
MR30529080518209188x6.5130.81Matte Black
MR30529087518209188x170130.81Matte Black
MR30521050518N2010-185x594Matte Black
MR30521016518N2010-186x13594Matte Black
MR30521060518N2010-186x5.5108Matte Black
MR30521080518N2010-188x6.5130.81Matte Black
MR30521087518N2010-188x170130.81Matte Black
MR30521088518N2010-188x180130.81Matte Black
MR30568060100016806x5.5108Matte Black - Gloss Black Lip
MR305785161000178.506x13594Matte Black - Gloss Black Lip
MR305785501000178.505x594Matte Black - Gloss Black Lip
MR305785581000178.505x150116.5Matte Black - Gloss Black Lip
MR305785601000178.506x5.5108Matte Black - Gloss Black Lip
MR305785601025178.5256x5.5108Matte Black - Gloss Black Lip
MR305785801000178.508x6.5130.81Matte Black - Gloss Black Lip
MR305890581025189255x150116.5Matte Black - Gloss Black Lip
MR305890601012N189-126x5.5108Matte Black - Gloss Black Lip
MR305890601018189186x5.5108Matte Black - Gloss Black Lip
MR305890801018189188x6.5130.81Matte Black - Gloss Black Lip
MR3056801230016805x4.583Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR3056806030016806x5.5108Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30578562325178.5256x12083Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30578516300178.506x13594Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30578516325178.5256x13594Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30578550300178.505x594Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30578550325178.5255x594Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30578555300178.505x5.5108Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30578558300178.505x150116.5Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30578558325178.5255x150116.5Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30578560300178.506x5.5108Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30578560325178.5256x5.5108Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30578580300178.508x6.5130.81Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30578587300178.508x170130.81Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR3058906030018906x5.5108Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30589016318189186x13594Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30589058325189255x150116.5Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30589060312N189-126x5.5108Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30589060318189186x5.5108Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR30589087318189188x170130.81Machined - Matte Black Lip
MR3056806080016806x5.5108Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30578516800178.506x13594Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30578550800178.505x594Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30578555800178.505x5.5108Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30578558800178.505x150116.5Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30578560800178.506x5.5108Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30578560825178.5256x5.5108Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30578580800178.508x6.5130.81Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30589016818189186x13594Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30589058825189255x150116.5Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30589060812N189-126x5.5108Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30589060818189186x5.5108Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30589080818189188x6.5130.81Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30589087818189188x170130.81Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30529060818209186x5.5108Titanium - Matte Black Lip
MR30529080818209188x6.5130.81Titanium - Matte Black Lip