MR314 (MB)

The 314 Standard Wheel features a burly and utilitarian styling, inspired by famous Dakar Rally® wheel design. Around the lip you’ll find weight saving pockets machined out with ‘Method’ embossed in one of the pockets. The spoke faces are slightly arched with a deeply recessed bolt circle for added depth. The 314 boasts a super strong 2,650- 3,640 lbs. load rating.


  • Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  • Rally Raid Inspired 16 spoke design
  • Machined pockets in outer lip with embossed METHOD logo
  • Snap-in center cap with embossed METHOD logo
  • Additional snap-in center caps available
  • Push through center cap with embossed METHOD logo for 8 lug applications
  • Hub centric fitments for common applications
  • Industry’s best lifetime structural warranty
  • Super strong 2650 lbs. and 3640 lbs. load rating

Available Finishes

Matte Black
Gloss Titanium

Wheel Specs

Part NumberDiameterWidthOffset (mm)Bolt PatternCentre BoreFinish
MR31457051815157155x10056.1Gloss Titanium
MR31477512830177.5305x4.573Gloss Titanium
MR31477554830177.5305x11065.1Gloss Titanium
MR31477552825177.5255x12070.1Gloss Titanium
MR31477558825177.5255x150110.5Gloss Titanium
MR31477549830177.5305x10863.4Gloss Titanium
MR31477564824177.5246x4.566.1Gloss Titanium
MR31477560825177.5256x5.5106.25Gloss Titanium
MR31478550800178.505x571.5Gloss Titanium
MR31478558800178.505x150110.5Gloss Titanium
MR31478560800178.506x5.5106.25Gloss Titanium
MR31478580800178.508x6.5130.81Gloss Titanium
MR31489060818189186x5.5106.25Gloss Titanium
MR31489080818189188x6.5130.81Gloss Titanium
MR31457051515157155x10056.1Matte Black
MR31477512530177.5305x4.573Matte Black
MR31477554530177.5305x11065.1Matte Black
MR31477552525177.5255x12070.1Matte Black
MR31477558525177.5255x150110.5Matte Black
MR31477549530177.5305x10863.4Matte Black
MR31477564524177.5246x4.566.1Matte Black
MR31477560525177.5256x5.5106.25Matte Black
MR31478550500178.505x571.5Matte Black
MR31478558500178.505x150110.5Matte Black
MR31478516500178.506x13587Matte Black
MR31478560500178.506x5.5106.25Matte Black
MR31478580500178.508x6.5130.81Matte Black
MR31489058518189185x150110.5Matte Black
MR31489060518189186x5.5106.25Matte Black
MR31489080518189188x6.5130.81Matte Black