MR409 Bead Grip (MB)

The 409 Bead Grip® UTV wheel brings the styling of the 313 Standard Series wheel to the UTV Bead Grip lineup. It was also the first wheel in the UTV Series lineup to integrate the Method Bead Grip® technology.

The South Racing and Monster Energy Can-Am teams utilized the 409 wheels for the 43rd edition of Dakar. The brutal 12 stage rally is a testament to the performance of this Bead Grip equipped wheel and why we say Dakar Proven!


  • Patented Bead Grip® technology engages tire bead for increased grip at low tire pressures
  • Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  • Debossed METHOD logo on outer lip
  • Aggressive safety hump on bead seats further prevents de-beading
  • Reinforced inner lip taken from MRW race wheel increases strength
  • Snap-in center cap with embossed METHOD Bead Grip® logo
  • Super strong 1600 lbs. load rating

Available Finishes

Steel Grey
Matte Black


Wheel Specs

Part NumberDiameterWidthOffset (mm)Bolt PatternCentre BoreFinish
MR40947047543147134x136106.25Matte Black
MR40947046543147134x156132Matte Black
MR40947047552147384x136106.25Matte Black
MR40947046552147384x156132Matte Black
MR40957047543157134x136106.25Matte Black
MR40957046543157134x156132Matte Black
MR40957047552157384x136106.25Matte Black
MR40957046552157384x156132Matte Black
MR4095804754415804x136106.25Matte Black
MR4095804654415804x156132Matte Black
MR40951047555151004x136106.25Matte Black
MR40951046555151004x156132Matte Black
MR40947046443147134x156132Steel Grey
MR40947046452147384x156132Steel Grey
MR40957046443157134x156132Steel Grey
MR40957047452157384x136106.25Steel Grey
MR40957046452157384x156132Steel Grey
MR4095804744415804x136106.25Steel Grey
MR4095804644415804x156132Steel Grey
MR40951047455151004x136106.25Steel Grey
MR40951046455151004x156132Steel Grey