Pro Style – F088

The Pro Style – F088 is an Aftermarket Factory Style Wheel manufactured using a low-pressure casting that serves as a perfect replacement for Toyota and Lexus fitments. The one-piece wheel offers a solid eight-spoke design with no lip for maximum caliper clearance and a slight concave profile for that off-road look.


  • Split Eight-Spoke Design
  • Slight Concave Profile
  • Maximum Caliper Clearance

Available Finishes

Satin Black
Gloss Black
Matte Bronze
Gloss Black/Milled Outline

Wheel Specs

Part NumberSizeBolt PatternOffsetBack Spacing (in)FinishBore
F086178077+017x8 6x139.704.5Gloss Black106.1
F086209077+020x96x139.705Gloss Black106.1
F086209077-1220x9 6x139.7-124.5Gloss Black106.1
F087178077+017x8 6x139.704.5Matte Gunmetal106.1
F087209077+020x96x139.705Matte Gunmetal106.1
F087209077-1220x96x139.7-124.5Matte Gunmetal106.1
F088178077+017x8 6x139.704.5Satin Black106.1
F088209077+020x96x139.705Satin Black106.1
F088209077-1220x96x139.7-12 4.5Satin Black106.1
F089178077+017x8 6x139.704.5Matte Bronze106.1
F090178077+017x8 6x139.704.5Gloss Black/Milled Outline106.1