SLT Style – F133

The SLT Style – F133 is an Aftermarket Factory Style Wheel designed for the truck and SUV enthusiast. Manufactured using a low-pressure casting for a strong and durable one-piece wheel. The SLT Style – F133 features a split six-spoke design with a lip and a slight concave profile that is perfect for Chevy, Cadillac and GMC fitments.


  • Split Six-Spoke Design
  • No Lip
  • Slight Concave Profile

*Compatible with similar style OEM center caps and lug nuts.

Available Finishes

Gloss Black/Milled Outline
Machined Face/Gunmetal outline
Machined Face/Black Outline
Machined Face/Silver Outline

Wheel Specs

Part NumberSizeBolt PatternOffsetBack Spacing (in)FinishBore
F132209077+3120x96x139.7 316.25Machined Face/Gunmetal Outline78.1
F133209077+3120x96x139.7 316.25Machined Face/Black Outline78.1
F134209077+2720x96x139.7 276.25Machined Face/Silver Outline78.1
F131229077+2422x96x139.7 246Gloss Black/Milled Outline78.1
F132229077+2422x96x139.7 246Machined Face/Gunmetal Outline78.1
F133229077+2422x96x139.7 246Machined Face/Black Outline78.1
F134229077+2422x96x139.7 246Machined Face/Silver Outline78.1
F131241077+3124x106x139.7 316.75Gloss Black/Milled Outline78.1
F133241077+3124x106x139.7 316.75Machined Face/Black Outline78.1
F132241077+3124x106x139.7 316.75Machined Face/Gunmetal Outline78.1
F131241078+3124x106x139.7 316.75Gloss Black/Milled Outline106.1
F134241077+3124x106x139.7 316.75Machined Face/Silver Outline78.1
F131261077+3126x106x139.7 316.75Gloss Black/Milled Outline78.1
F133261077+3126x106x139.7 316.75Machined Face/Black Outline78.1
F132261077+3126x106x139.7 316.75Machined Face/Gunmetal Outline78.1
F134261077+2426x106x139.7 246.75Machined Face/Silver Outline78.1
F131261078+3126x106x139.7 316.75Gloss Black/Milled Outline106.1