XXR – 521


Step lip design with clean cut mesh spoke. Removable aluminum rivets available in Chrome, Red, Blue, Flat Black and Gloss Black. (24k Gold available in plastic) LOWER offset and more WIDTH for XXTREME Staggered fitment. Exclusive colors and unique bolt patterns available through select XXR dealers.

Available Finishes

Black W/Machined Lip
Flat Black
Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets


Wheel Specs

Part NumberDiameterWidthOffset (mm)Bolt PatternCentre BoreFinish
52177082N177384x100, 4x114.373.1Black W/Machined Lip
52177102N177385x100, 5x114.373.1Black W/Machined Lip
52188102N188.5355x100, 5x114.373.1Black W/Machined Lip
52188142N188.5255x114.3, 5x12073.1Black W/Machined Lip
52180142N1810255x114.3, 5x12073.1Black W/Machined Lip
52108142N208.5325x114.3, 5x12073.1Black W/Machined Lip
52100142N2010.5305x114.3, 5x12073.1Black W/Machined Lip
52177082177384x100, 4x114.373.1Flat Black
52177102177385x100, 5x114.373.1Flat Black
52188102188.5355x100, 5x114.373.1Flat Black
52188142188.5255x114.3, 5x12073.1Flat Black
521801421810255x114.3, 5x12073.1Flat Black
52108142208.5325x114.3, 5x12073.1Flat Black
521001422010.5305x114.3, 5x12073.1Flat Black
521770820177384x100, 4x114.373.1Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets
521771020177385x100, 5x114.373.1Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets
521881020188.5355x100, 5x114.373.1Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets
521881420188.5255x114.3, 5x12073.1Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets
5218014201810255x114.3, 5x12073.1Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets
521081420208.5325x114.3, 5x12073.1Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets
5210014202010.5305x114.3, 5x12073.1Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets