XXR – 536


Available in Silver/ML, Gold/ML, Gloss Black with Gold Rivets, and our uniquely formulated Platinum finish. Available in 15” and 16” sizes in both low and mid offsets. 17” available in mid offset. 18×9 offered in both, high and low offsets. Super low profile genuine billet aluminum emblem. Exclusive colors and sizes available through select XXR dealers.

Available Finishes

Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets
Hyper Gold W/Platinum Lip
Hyper Silver W/Platinum Lip


Wheel Specs

Part NumberDiameterWidthOffset (mm)Bolt PatternCentre BoreFinish
536580820158204x100, 4x114.373.1Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets
53658462015804x100, 4x114.373.1Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets
536680820168204x100, 4x114.373.1Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets
53668462016804x100, 4x114.373.1Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets
536791020179255x100, 5x114.373.1Gloss Black W/Gold Rivets
53658087158204x100, 4x114.373.1Hyper Gold W/Platinum Lip
5365846715804x100, 4x114.373.1Hyper Gold W/Platinum Lip
53668087168204x100, 4x114.373.1Hyper Gold W/Platinum Lip
5366846716804x100, 4x114.373.1Hyper Gold W/Platinum Lip
53679107179255x100, 5x114.373.1Hyper Gold W/Platinum Lip
53658083158204x100, 4x114.373.1Hyper Silver W/Platinum Lip
5365846315804x100, 4x114.373.1Hyper Silver W/Platinum Lip
53668083168204x100, 4x114.373.1Hyper Silver W/Platinum Lip
5366846316804x100, 4x114.373.1Hyper Silver W/Platinum Lip
53679103179255x100, 5x114.373.1Hyper Silver W/Platinum Lip