XXR – 555


Concave 5-spoke design with seamless lip. Aggressive widths and offset pairings lend you the perfect application for maximum flush fitments. Available in Flat Black and Chromium Black with Machined Lip.

Available Finishes

Chromium Black W/Machined Lip
Flat Black
Hyper Gold W/Platinum Lip


Wheel Specs

Part NumberDiameterWidthOffset (mm)Bolt PatternCentre BoreFinish
555781051178355x100, 5x114.373.1Chromium Black W/Machined Lip
555881051188.5355x100, 5x114.373.1Chromium Black W/Machined Lip
555885451188.5255x100, 5x114.373.1Chromium Black W/Machined Lip
5558054511810255x100, 5x114.373.1Chromium Black W/Machined Lip
555781022178355x100, 5x114.373.1Flat Black
555881022188.5355x100, 5x114.373.1Flat Black
555885422188.5255x100, 5x114.373.1Flat Black
5558054221810255x100, 5x114.373.1Flat Black
555781071178355x100, 5x114.373.1Hyper Gold W/Platinum Lip
555881071188.5355x100, 5x114.373.1Hyper Gold W/Platinum Lip
555885471188.5255x100, 5x114.373.1Hyper Gold W/Platinum Lip
5558054711810255x100, 5x114.373.1Hyper Gold W/Platinum Lip