MR702 Bead Grip (BR)

The 702 Bead Grip® wheel features a clean split five spoke design. Subtle touches like the debossed Method logo on the outer lip, the channel around the wheel face and the deep bolt circle bowl add depth and character to the wheel.

The Bead Grip® technology allows deflation of tires down to pressures that previously would have required beadlock wheels to make sure tires didn’t debead. It’s advantageous to reduce tire inflation pressure while off-roading to increase a tire’s contact patch surface area for better traction on loose surfaces as well as improve ride comfort by effectively reducing the spring rate of the tire.


  • Patented Bead Grip® technology engages tire bead for increased grip at low tire pressures
  • Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  • Debossed METHOD logo on outer lip
  • Aggressive safety hump on bead seats further prevents debeading
  • Reinforced inner lip taken from MRW race wheel increases strength
  • Snap-in center cap with embossed METHOD Bead Grip® logo
  • Hub centric fitments for common applications
  • Industry’s best lifetime structural warranty
  • Super strong 2650 lbs. and 3640 lbs. load ratings

Available Finishes

Matte Black
Method Bronze

Wheel Specs

Part NumberDiameterWidthOffset (mm)Bolt PatternCentre BoreFinish
MR7026806050016806x5.5106.25Matt Black
MR70277553550177.5505x13078.1Matt Black
MR70277563550177.5506x13084.1Matt Black
MR70278550500178.505x571.5Matt Black
MR70278558500178.505x150110.5Matt Black
MR70278516500178.506x13587Matt Black
MR70278560500178.506x5.5106.25Matt Black