XXR – 002.5


Available in Black/ML, Silver/ML, and Flat Black with Bronze Lip. Available in 15” and 16” sizes in both low and mid offsets. Super low profile genuine billet aluminum emblem. Great Fitment for Honda, Mazda, Volkswagen and many more! Exclusive colors available through select XXR dealers.

Available Finishes

Black W/Machined Lip
Flat Black Bronze Lip
Hyper Silver W/Platinum Lip


Wheel Specs

Part NumberDiameterWidthOffset (mm)Bolt PatternCentre BoreFinish
25580821158204x100, 4x114.373.1Black W/Machined Lip
2558462115804x100, 4x114.373.1Black W/Machined Lip
25680821168204x100, 4x114.373.1Black W/Machined Lip
2568462116804x100, 4x114.373.1Black W/Machined Lip
25580863158204x100, 4x114.373.1Flat Black Bronze Lip
2558466315804x100, 4x114.373.1Flat Black Bronze Lip
25680863168204x100, 4x114.373.1Flat Black Bronze Lip
2568466316804x100, 4x114.373.1Flat Black Bronze Lip
25580831158204x100, 4x114.373.1Hyper Silver W/Platinum Lip
2558463115804x100, 4x114.373.1Hyper Silver W/Platinum Lip
25680831168204x100, 4x114.373.1Hyper Silver W/Platinum Lip
2568463116804x100, 4x114.373.1Hyper Silver W/Platinum Lip
25580820158204x100, 4x114.373.1Black
2558462015804x100, 4x114.373.1Black
25680820168204x100, 4x114.373.1Black
2568462016804x100, 4x114.373.1Black