XXR – 567


Super deep concave wheel design featuring the most desired wheel widths on the market. Edgy multi-spoke design with major X-Factor property to clear large brake calipers on all cars, including EVO and STI. Smooth, uninterrupted flush fitment guaranteed. Available in Phantom Black, Bronze & Black, Candy Red, and Brushed/Silver. Other exclusive colors and applications available through select XXR dealers.

Available Finishes

Black W/Bronze Face
Candy Red
Phantom Black


Wheel Specs

Part NumberDiameterWidthOffset (mm)Bolt PatternCentre BoreFinish
567881063188.5355x100, 5x114.373.1Black W/Bronze Face
567882463188.5355x108, 5x11273.1Black W/Bronze Face
567885463188.5205x100, 5x114.373.1Black W/Bronze Face
567891063189.5385x100, 5x114.373.1Black W/Bronze Face
567895463189.5205x100, 5x114.373.1Black W/Bronze Face
5678054631810.5205x100, 5x114.373.1Black W/Bronze Face
567881080188.5355x100, 5x114.373.1Candy Red
567882480188.5355x108, 5x11273.1Candy Red
567885480188.5205x100, 5x114.373.1Candy Red
567891080189.5385x100, 5x114.373.1Candy Red
567895480189.5205x100, 5x114.373.1Candy Red
5678054801810.5205x100, 5x114.373.1Candy Red
567881027188.5355x100, 5x114.373.1Phantom Black
567882427188.5355x108, 5x11273.1Phantom Black
567885427188.5205x100, 5x114.373.1Phantom Black
567891027189.5385x100, 5x114.373.1Phantom Black
567895427189.5205x100, 5x114.373.1Phantom Black
5678054271810.5205x100, 5x114.373.1Phantom Black