A trued motorsports design influence, the Lock Baja interconnects an offroad wheel with a traditional proven lightweight classic motorsports design. Incorporating strength & style with weight reduction is a daunting task, lucky for you the Baja is engineered to meet all these specifications. Named after the legendary off-road race series, increase the spirit of extreme motorsports on your rig with the Lock Offroad Baja wheel! Three special TACT-coated finishes of Matte Black, Matte Gunmetal, and Matte Bronze provide the ultimate visual appeal & durability to withstand the extreme elements. The Lock Baja is offered exclusively in 17 inch sizes only.

Available Finishes

Matte Black
Matte Bronze
Matte Grey

Wheel Specs

Part NumbersDiameterWidthOffset (MM)Bolt PatternCentre BoreFinish
BAJA-7957MB17905x12771.5Matte Black w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7963MB17906x13587.1Matte Black w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7963MB12N179-126x13587.1Matte Black w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7969MB17906x139.7106.2Matte Black w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7969MB12N179-126x139.7106.2Matte Black w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7957MRMBR17905x12771.5Matte Desrt Bronze w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7963MRMBR17906x13587.1Matte Desrt Bronze w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7963MRMBR12N179-126x13587.1Matte Desrt Bronze w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7969MRMBR17906x139.7106.2Matte Desrt Bronze w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7969MRMBR12N179-126x139.7106.2Matte Desrt Bronze w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7957MGMBR17905x12771.5Matte Grey w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7963MGMBR17906x13587.1Matte Grey w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7963MGMBR12N179-126x13587.1Matte Grey w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7969MGMBR17906x139.7106.2Matte Grey w/Matte Black Ring
BAJA-7969MGMBR12N179-126x139.7106.2Matte Grey w/Matte Black Ring