MR316 (GB)

The 316 Standard Wheel in Gloss Black is exclusively available in a 20 inch size offering. Meeting the demands of those who want to update the look of their rig who already have 20 inch tires, the new gloss finish is sure to turn heads. It features a rugged 10 window design, flat snap on center cap, and debossed METHOD logo on one of the spokes. With a strong 2,650 lbs. load rating and a lower price point, this wheel offers the best bang for your buck.


  • Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  • 10 window design with debossed METHOD logo
  • Snap in center cap with embossed METHOD logo
  • Additional snap-in center caps available
  • Hub centric fitments for common applications
  • Industry’s best lifetime structural warranty
  • Strong 2650 lbs. load rating

Available Finishes

Gloss Black
Gloss Titanium
Matte Black

Wheel Specs

Part NumberDiameterWidthOffset (mm)Bolt PatternCentre BoreFinish
MR316290501318209185x571.5Gloss Black
MR316290161318209186x13587Gloss Black
MR316290601318209186x5.5106.25Gloss Black
MR31629060130020906x5.5106.25Gloss Black
MR316210501318N2010-185x571.5Gloss Black
MR316210161318N2010-186x13587Gloss Black
MR316210601318N2010-186x5.5106.25Gloss Black
MR31678050825178255x571.5Gloss Titanium
MR31678058825178255x150110.5Gloss Titanium
MR31678062825178256x12067Gloss Titanium
MR31678016825178256x13587Gloss Titanium
MR31678060825178256x5.5106.25Gloss Titanium
MR31678550800178.505x571.5Gloss Titanium
MR31678558800178.505x150110.5Gloss Titanium
MR31678516800178.506x13587Gloss Titanium
MR31678560800178.506x5.5106.25Gloss Titanium
MR31689058818189185x150110.5Gloss Titanium
MR31689016818189186x13587Gloss Titanium
MR31689060818189186x5.5106.25Gloss Titanium
MR31629050818209185x571.5Gloss Titanium
MR31629016818209186x13587Gloss Titanium
MR31629060818209186x5.5106.25Gloss Titanium
MR3162906080020906x5.5106.25Gloss Titanium
MR31621050818N2010-185x571.5Gloss Titanium
MR31621016818N2010-186x13587Gloss Titanium
MR31621060818N2010-186x5.5106.25Gloss Titanium
MR31678050525178255x571.5Matte Black
MR31678058525178255x150110.5Matte Black
MR31678062525178256x12067Matte Black
MR31678016525178256x13587Matte Black
MR31678060525178256x5.5106.25Matte Black
MR31678550500178.505x571.5Matte Black
MR31678558500178.505x150110.5Matte Black
MR31678562500178.506x12067Matte Black
MR31678516500178.506x13587Matte Black
MR31678560500178.506x5.5106.25Matte Black
MR31689058518189185x150110.5Matte Black
MR31689016518189186x13587Matte Black
MR31689060518189186x5.5106.25Matte Black